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It is time that you make YOU the priority... and get the time you need to live the life you want.

It is TIME for more Time!

Do you find that you are ALWAYS busy?
Needing more time?
Do you find there are things you WANT to do, though are never able to do so?

Are you READY to take back your life and live the life YOU want?
With the time to do things most important to you?

Because you said YES, the 13 Months a Year is the RIGHT program for you!

starting Thursday, September 19th from 3:03 - 3:55 pm
{eastern | via Zoom} for 13 weeks

Live, weekly 30 minute Zoom calls, followed by a 30 minute Q&A

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Raving Reviews

"Before the 13 Months a Year program, I was always busy, especially grabbing my phone every other minute to deal with calls, texts, emails, etc.. During 13 Months a Year, I decided to set boundaries in my life. Now, I don't respond to every message and email the second it comes in. I turn my phone on do not disturb and I give myself rest and breaks. I love being able to take control of my life!” 

Tonya L.


“Implementing one of the eTiffanies from 13 Months a Year helped me to be much more focused through the day... the result?

Getting the job done on time ->
getting home on time ->
helping Stacie (wife) with the evening routine ->
happier Stacie ->
happier ME!”

Justin C.


“I used to live my life multi-tasking. When I learned that multi-tasking is a myth during the 13 Months a Year program, I realized I was wasting my time switching from one activity to the next. Now, I stay focused on a single task and I am more efficient in my scheduling. My results include finding more time for true income generating activities and I enjoy the clarity of mind provided by devoting particular days of the week to particular tasks.”

Marti B.

Wellness Coach

Topics included in 13 Months a Year:

Week #1: Where Are You Spending Your Time?

Week #2: Escape from Email Hell
Week #3: Time Management? There’s No Such Thing (How to Master Your Time)
Week #4: Sock it to your calendar (so it does not rule you)

Week #5: Get it DONE!Week #6: The Cost of Multitasking

Week #7: Why Should You Have to Do It All?

Week #8: Life Made Easy!

Week #9: Did You Know? You Are Important Too!

Week #10: Decision Making, EASY!

Week #11: YOUR Time IS Money

Week #12: Eliminating the Time Suckers

Week #13: 168 Hours in your Week

Why did Tiffanie start the
13 Months a Year: How to Find More Time