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BNI Talks: 12 Ways to Generate Referrals 
with TnT (otherwise known as Tom & Tiffanie)


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About TnT

When Tiffanie and Tom team up, things get explosive!

    Tiffanie Kellog

    In 2003, Tiffanie Kellog entered the entrepreneurial world. After 2 years of cold calling, Tiffanie stumbled onto networking as a way to grow her business.

    She loves sharing with people around the globe how to earn more referrals in their business.

    Learn more about Tiffanie at www.TiffanieKellog.com.

    Tom Fleming

    Tom Fleming has been teaching the concepts of collaboration and creating productive strategic alliances since 1996 with respect to Referral Based Marketing Strategies and techniques. In fact he has spoken on these topics across the world, has recorded numerous sessions on the topic and is also a contributing author to two best selling books.

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