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Do you find yourself needing just a little more time in your day?

Join Tiffanie Kellog for the 5 Day MORE TIME Challenge!









Minutes of your day for 5 Days to Earn You EXTRA Hours Each Week!

Starting Monday, March 18th from 3:03 - 3:30 pm {eastern, gmt-5 | via Zoom}, Monday - Friday (followed by optional Q&A session)

Tiffanie Kellog shares her top tips to help you have more time for the things that are important for you.

Ready for MORE TIME?

During the 5 Day More Time Challenge, join Tiffanie Kellog LIVE via zoom as she explores easy ways to save time so you can get more done in your day. 

In less than 30 minutes a day (live, via zoom), she will share tips to help you gain an extra 15, 30, 60 minutes (or more) in your day. Tiffanie will address how to:

  • How to eliminate distractions, annoying people, and drama.

  • Stay focused and actually get things done.

  • And, finally, answer the question, "What's for Dinner?"

If you have to miss a live session, the replays will be available inside the Facebook group.

Raving Reviews

"Before working with Tiffanie. I was always busy, especially grabbing my phone every other minute to deal with calls, texts, emails, etc.. During 13 Months a Year, I decided to set boundaries in my life. Now, I don't respond to every message and email the second it comes in. I turn my phone on do not disturb and I give myself rest and breaks. I love being able to take control of my life!” king 

Tonya L.


“Implementing one of the eTiffanies helped me to be much more focused through the day... the result?

Getting the job done on time ->
getting home on time ->
helping Stacie (wife) with the evening routine ->
happier Stacie ->
happier ME!”

Justin C.


“I used to live my life multi-tasking. When I learned that multi-tasking is a myth when working with Tiffanie, I realized I was wasting my time switching from one activity to the next. Now, I stay focused on a single task and I am more efficient in my scheduling. My results include finding more time for true income generating activities and I enjoy the clarity of mind provided by devoting particular days of the week to particular tasks.”

Marti B.

Wellness Coach

You'll Gain Access To

  • Live Zoom Events Daily with Top Time Tips

  • Each day, Tiffanie Kellog will go live to share tips to save time, maximize time, and more...

  • Live Question and Answer Session

  • Get your questions answered by Tiffanie.

  • Community to Share Successes & Struggles

  • Replay of Zoom Event via Facebook Group 

One-Time Price: $169

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    5 Day More Time Challenge

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